Behind the wheel

To schedule a behind the wheel lesson call 952-944-6900


  1. We do 3-two hour lessons to complete the state mandated 6 hours
  2. We pick up from home, school, work or even sports activities
  3. All instructors have cell phones in case of emergency
  4. At Excalibur you call when you are ready to schedule a behind the wheel lesson, there is no waiting us to call you.
  5. There is no mandatory waiting period between lesson, take them as close together as you want. However, please remember you are only allowed to schedule one lesson at a time. Doing this helps prevent us from being backed out for several months.
  6. Our normal schedule can be backed out between 2-6 weeks depending on the time of year and weather patterns (snow, ice etc) It would be best if you always assume that we are 6 weeks backed out and plan accordingly.
  7. We ask that all students and parents try "NOT" to wait till the last minute to schedule their lesson.
  8. Most importantly, "DO NOT" schedule your road test without having your third behind the wheel lesson scheduled with us.