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Welcome and thank you for considering Excalibur School of Driving for your driver's education. All driving schools are not created equal. Experience, dedication, classroom flexibility and a true enjoyment of ones job is what sets Excalibur apart from other driving schools. We are committed to help educate each student understand the importance of distracted driving as well as the moral and ethical side of driving on today's roads.

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The state of Minnesota requires all future driver's under the age of 18 to complete 30 hours of classroom instruction and be enrolled in behind the wheel before they're eligible to take their permit test. At Excalibur your student may begin their classroom at the age of 14. We highly recommend this because this enables your future driver to acquire his/her permit right when they turn 15. It takes a novice driver between 5-7 years just to become a "average" driver. Getting their permit as early as possible allows for the maximum amount of experience possible before they can obtain their license. No amount of classroom instruction or passenger observation can replace actually driving a vehicle on roads, nothing can replace experience.  

The classroom cost is $215 and is due on the first day of class. The behind the wheel cost is $325 and is due on the last of class when your student takes the curriculum final. However, if you register between April 1st and May 31st and pay in full you will get $75 the whole package price of $540 and pay only $465!

Excalibur is licensed, bonded and insured. 


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We offer one of the most flexible curriculum schedules in the state. There are nine different numbered classes and a curriculum final. Start any day that works for your schedule and show up 5 minutes early to complete your registration, it's that simple. Students may take these classes in order or out of order. We operate with just one simple rule: Don't repeat the same number twice. We offer two classes a day Monday thru Thursday (3:15-6:15 and 6:15-9:15) and a Saturday classes (10:00-1:00) to help with today's busy teens. Summertime, June thru August, we add a morning class Monday thru Thursday (10:00-1:00). Only one three hour class per day is allowed under Minnesota State law. We try to make learning to drive simple and more fun by offering more of a variety of teaching aids like a state of the art driving simulator, drunk goggles and assorted games to help keep the students engaged.

Behind the wheel


After a student gets their permit the State of Minnesota requires 6 hours of behind the wheel training with licensed instructor. We do 3-two hour lessons to complete this portion of your driver's ed. Students are picked up from home, job, school or any after school activity location and returned home. Our instructors have vehicles with all the latest safety features such as multiple airbags, abs brakes, traction control and a passenger side brake for those situations that need a little help. Parents and students call us when they are ready to schedule a behind the wheel lesson, there is no waiting for the instructor to call you. Excalibur has only one rule for scheduling behind the wheel lessons and that is you can only schedule one lesson at a time. Our promise to the students and parents is we will do everything in our power to complete everyone's behind the wheel lessons before the students has his/her road test. However, we ask that the students and parents meet us half way by planning their behind the wheel lessons in advance. When you are ready to schedule a behind the wheel lesson just call 952-944-6900.