On-Line Payment

This is a new option to help make it easier for parents to pay. Please be sure to use the “On-Line registration” feature before making a on-line payment. As long as the last names of the parent making the payment is the same as the student we won’t have any issue making sure the money goes to the correct account. However, if the last names are different please email excaliburdriving@yahoo.com and give us the names so we can make sure the credit is given to the proper account. We also have the ability to bill anyone with an invoice so if you would prefer an invoice please email excaliburdriving@yahoo.com. Please notice that there is a surcharge for accepting credit cards on-line or in our classroom. Please be sure to fill out the On-Line Registration page to go along with your payment. ($215 classroom + $7 surcharge = $222, $275 behind the wheel + $9 surcharge = $284, $490 classroom and behind the wheel package + $15 surcharge = $505)

Excalibur Payment Options


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